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11 incredibly useful diagrams to use during your wedding planning

11 incredibly useful diagrams to use during your wedding planning

Written by Katie Byrne

These super-savvy charts and diagrams will help to make things oh-so simple when it comes to planning your perfect wedding! 


Starting with... Your engagement ring!

Want to describe your rock - but have no idea how? Use the handy chart below to work out which cut your stone is. 

width: 550px !important;Image source:


And when it comes to your wedding dress...

Here's how to describe your perfect neckline when you're about to start shopping for your bridal gown...

Image: Paper Blog


And knowing what style of sleeve you might want will also help make starting your browsing a whole lot easier! 

This guide to tying a bow-tie will be invaluable for the chaps in your life.

Because chances are your man might not be entirely familiar just yet with nailing that knot technique...

Image source:


If you're struggling with sticking to a guest-list number, this flowchart might just help you out.

It's not easy crossing names off your list but it can be essential! 

Image source: Bridal Tweet


Not sure who stands where for the ceremony?

This covers it all.  

Image source: Mon Cheri Bridal via Pinterest


This will help you out if you're trying to decide who should sit with you on your top table.

If anyone at all, of course. 

Image source: Pinterest


Not sure how much CAKE you need for your reception? 

This should help...


As should this!

Image source: Pinterest.


Whilst this diagram will help with any buffet dilemmas you might have going on.

When it comes to desserts, make sure you don't over-do it; you don't need an excess of cake and an excess of sweet treats, too. 

Source: Chickabug


And finally: this might just give you an idea of how many drinks your guests will consume during your reception.


Image source: HomeAway via Pinterest