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The 10 things your wedding florist definitely wants you to know

The 10 things your wedding florist definitely wants you to know

Written by Laura Atri

 Not picked your perfect bridal blooms yet? Make sure you read these pointers first!


Don’t get your pins up

We get it, Pinterest and Instagram are full of pictures of beautiful flowers in the most vibrant hues. However, bear in mind so many of these images have been filtered and Photoshopped within an inch of their lives, so you may not actually be seeing an accurate representation of the colours involved. While we’re on the topic, the most pinned and liked images also tend to feature the most pricey blooms such as peonies, dahlias and garden roses; these luxury flowers come at a premium, so be prepared for a big quote if that’s what you’ve set your heart on.

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"I’m not spending that on flowers!" 

You wouldn’t expect a decorator to only charge you for the paint used and the same principle applies to your florist – they’ll have to factor in the cost of materials as well as their time and labour. Although you may think that it’s a simple case of ordering some flowers, tying them together and voilà, a beautiful bouquet appears, the reality is very different. Think of the hours of work that goes into just one wedding – from the initial consultation, months of correspondence, quotes, designs, storage and delivery, it all adds up! 

Image: Ria Beth

Copy cats

You may have fallen in love with a bouquet from a dreamy Californian wedding featuring blousey blooms in the most tropical colours, but the odds that you’ll get an exact replica are very slim. Even if your florist does manage to track down the exact flowers, there are seasonal (and country-led) differences, which can affect colours, shapes and sizes. Also, let your florist be creative – you don’t want your wedding to be a copy and paste job of someone else’s, do you?

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Flowers aren’t forever

Some brides may find that their bouquets look bruised or wilted as the day goes on – this is because blooms are fragile. Think of it this way, your flowers will be out of water all day, on top of you holding your bouquet and passing it around late into the night. It’s only natural that they will wilt!

Bouquet: Flowers By Suzanne



DIY bride

Many couples now prefer to do their big day florals themselves, but be mindful that it may not be as straightforward as it first appears. You’ll have to research and source the blooms yourself, pick them up, figure out how to safely transport everything, track down the correct tools to arrange and store the flowers in, as well as finding somewhere cold to keep them. Perhaps it’s worth sticking with a professional for piece of mind!  

The symbolism behind the blooms in your wedding bouquet

So last season

Even the biggest bridezilla in the land can’t control Mother Nature, and if a flower isn’t in season, your only option is to have it shipped in from elsewhere... sounds easy, right? The only problem is that the flower in question won’t necessarily be as pretty as it should be. Let your floral designer suggest alternatives – they know their stuff!

Arrangements: Flowers By Suzanne

Time is money

It’s so easy to believe that everything is costing so much because of that magical word beginning with a w... however, there isn’t a “wedding tax” on your florals. They eat up such a large percentage of your budget because of the hours of work put into them. There is more pressure and expectation on wedding flowers, so florists will have to put in more work to make everything look as picture perfect and flawless as possible! 

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If a lot of your pre-ceremony photos are going to be taken outside, try to limit the amount of time that you pose with your flowers. Not only will they obviously be out of water, but whether it’s an intense summer heat or a harsh winter chill, weather conditions can be brutal on your blooms. Snap a few pictures and then put your flowers back in some water for a quick drink.

Bouquet: Fairy Nuff Flowers



So many flowers smell simply amazing – but that doesn’t always mean that they’re a great fit for your tablecentres. Did you know that scent can have an effect on taste buds? The biggest culprits are lily of the valley and lilacs, but there are plenty of other highlyfragrant blooms that could have an impact on how your wedding breakfast tastes!

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Trust me, I’m a florist

Try to remember that your florist has your best interests at heart – they’re not going to want a substandard product going out with their name on it, especially in this social-media heavy age. They’ll want all of your floral dreams to come true as much as you do, so trust them and before you know it, you’ll be exchanging vows surrounded by awe-inspiring florals! 

Download the latest issue of Wedding Flowers & Accessories magazine here for more floral inspiration. Top image: D'Amor Photography.

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