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13 wedding planning tasks for the Bank Holiday weekend

13 wedding planning tasks for the Bank Holiday weekend

Written by Katie Byrne

You might already have them ticked off - but if not, the long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get these bits of wedmin sorted out!


Assess the RSVP situation

Now's the time to work out roughly how many people you're expecting to attend - and if there's anyone who might need a polite nudge. (Or not-so-polite shove - either way.)

Practice your first-dance

Grab your partner and have a twirl around the living room/garden/kitchen to your first dance song. This is a perfect time to start choreographing that epic Game Of Thrones inspired sequence you've been thinking about (dragons optional) - or, at the very least, 

Have a trial-run of any DIY missions you might have set yourself

Origami wedding favours? Handmade bunting? Glitter-bottle tablecentres? If you find yourself with a spare few hours, attempt making them. Not only will you have got the ball rolling with your wedding crafting, you'll also get an insight as to whether or not you really have the time/energy/sanity to bulk-make what you want - or if it might be easier and more feasible to buy them, instead.

Get on top of your spending spreadsheet

The three-day break is the perfect opportunity to check-in with your spending and see if you're on-budget...

Have a go at mixing your own signature cocktails

...And after that ordeal, you'll probably need booze - so why not try mixing up your very own cocktail creations

Break in your wedding shoes

Wear them around the house and get used to how they fit and feel. Click here for tips on how to break them in successfully!

Look at your table plan

The table plan is a notoriously tricky thing to get quite right - so if you've been struggling with it, take some time over the weekend to work it out. Or alternatively, have the whole weekend away from it and come back to it at a later date with fresh eyes. 



If you're planning to do your own hair and make-up, have a trial-run

Watch some YouTube tutorials, browse Pinterest and take a look at our hair and beauty galleries for some inspiration. 

Put together a playlist for your reception

Sit down with your partner and work out the songs you want played on the dancefloor - hi there, 5ive Mega Mix - as well as the songs you definitely don't want your DJ to include in their mix. 

Have a browse for thank-you gifts for your wedding party

This is notoriously easy to forget about, and you can never make a start too early. Click here for some tips! 

Update your wedding website (if you have one)

We've got all the important information you need to include right here

Make a Pinterest board of photos you definitely want taken on the big day

Jot down a list of the 'people pictures' (ie guest combinations, such as 'bride, groom, friends from school') as well as the more quirky or amusing photos you want to capture.  

Clean your engagement ring

It might sound dull but it will actually end your weekend with some serious sparkle - and it's so easy to do! Here's how. 

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