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25 wedding planning fails every bride should avoid

25 wedding planning fails every bride should avoid

Written by Katie Byrne

Whether you're about to say 'I do' or have only just started your planning - make the countdown to your wedding a piece of cake by swerving these headaches...


Setting a date before you’ve found a venue.

Telling your guests the wedding is on July 6 2018 is all well and good - but what if you can't find a venue that a) has that date available and b) you love? 

Not having an official wedding budget.

Similarly to the above; without a budget, you have no idea what you can (and can't) afford. Work this out before you start booking or buying - it will make things so much easier.

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Leaving DIY projects until the last minute.

Deciding 10m of hand-decorated hessian bunting can be stitched together the weekend before your wedding will almost certainly result in stress.

Obsessing over random, insignficant details.

If you won't remember them in a year's time, they're not worth giving a moment's further thought to. 

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Rushing big decisions.

Sure, impulse decisions are great sometimes, and following your gut is a great way to make a snap decision. However, there's a time and a place, and if you're going to be spending a lot of money - whether it's on your venue, your dress or your honeymoon - make sure you allow yourself enough time to shop around, mull things over and consider everything before you sign on the dotted line. 

Setting yourself an extreme weight goal in order to ‘fit’ your wedding dress.

What would you say if your best friend told you she'd bought a dress that was two sizes too small, with the single goal of slimming down until she fitted into it? Exactly

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Forgetting to include important details on your invites.

Such as a finish time, or whether or not it's a cash bar. If you can, try to imagine the details you'd expect to need if you were a guest receiving the invite - and perhaps ask a friend or two to check if there's anything glaringly missing. 

Not breaking in your wedding shoes.

That way blisters lie...! Wear your shoes as much as you can in the run-up to your wedding day - click here for our top tips.

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Falling in love with an impossible Pinterest dream.

We've all been there and boy oh boy, does it hurt.

Setting a too-late RSVP date.

If anything, you should set it for too-early. This way, you'll have plenty of time to sort out catering, as well as (if needs be) to invite other guests.

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Picking any old gift list.

Do your research when it comes to your gift list - services such as Prezola offer both physical gifts as well as cash options, including honeymoon contributions and charity donations. 

Feeling too awkward to ask for cash.

Alternatively, if you'd sooner just ask for money straight-up, own the decision rather than feeling embarrassed by it.

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Not having an itinerary for ‘inbetween’ the ceremony and the reception.

Avoid guest boredom or reception inertia by keeping things moving the whole time - whether it's by offering drinks and canapes, providing games and activities or simply offering guests a visible timetable of what time they can expect the wedding breakfast.

Deciding you probably won’t need wedding insurance.

There's a 99.999% chance nothing will go wrong on your wedding day - but on the remote off-chance it does, you could be left seriously in the lurch. Insurance is always a sensible option. 

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Ignoring your partner’s input.

Because it's their wedding too! 

Needing to control. Every. Single. Thing.

Fact: there are some elements of your wedding you just won't be able to control - no matter how hard you might want to try! 

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Failing to make a list of the photos you want taken on the w-day in advance.

That cool shot you spotted on Instagram, or that university-friendship-group pic you want taken? Make sure you put them on a list for your photographer - whilst they'll have all the 'main', traditional photos covered, presenting a list of all the pictures you want taken will make sure you won't miss out any. 

Not deciding what you want to do with your wedding bouquet.

Will you throw it, preserve it, donate it to charity? Decide in advance so you don't succumb to pressure to chuck it if you actually want to do something else.

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Not doing your research before booking suppliers.

They might have great photos on their website - but what are their reviews like? Do you know anyone who's used them previously, and what kind of vibe did you get when you met them in the flesh? 

Cramming tradition in for the sake of it.

Because stressing out on your wedding morning because you've suddenly realised you don't have a 'something blue' just isn't worth it, is it? (Although that said - we've got a fabulous list of something-blue ideas for you to peruse, right here!)

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Failing to factor your vendors into your catering...

...Until the very last minute. Doh. 

Forgetting to have a rainy day Plan B.

Stock up on cheap-but-pretty umbrellas and make sure you have some wellies to hand just in-case the grassy backdrop you were planning to pose on has turned into a marsh. 

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Deciding to write your vows the day before.

Just. No. Rather, work on these little and often, tweaking and editing as you countdown to the big day, rather than expecting to nail it in one go the night before.

Having tunnel vision when it comes to your wedding dress.

Limiting yourself to a specific style or design means you could be inadvertently ruling out The One. And no one wants to do that, do they? 

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Forgetting to decide on a social media policy for your wedding.

Nope, you don't have to be a Kardashian to have a social media policy for your wedding... How else will you keep on top of which pictures have (or haven't) been shared of your day?

Fake-tanning on your wedding morning.

Picture the scene. You were aiming for a 'healthy glow' so decided to apply a little of your favourite fake tan. Fast-forward to 11am and your complexion is more 'pumpkin' than 'sunkissed'.

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Picking a hair or make-up look that just isn't you.

The key is to enhance your own natural beauty, you gorgeous thing, you.

Failing to leave room in the budget for ‘emergencies’.

For example: you might need to make a last-minute shoe purchase, or add an extra couple of places onto your catering. Allowing yourself wriggle room will make things feel a lot less stressful. 

Finally! Forgetting to leave yourself enough time on your wedding morning.

You want the countdown to your wedding to feel leisurely, rather than stressful. Guarantee you have time to do everything by making a to-do list in advance and allowing yourself as much time as you need to get everything sorted.

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