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Why do brides traditionally throw their wedding bouquets?

Why do brides traditionally throw their wedding bouquets?

Written by Katie Byrne

Will you be throwing yours, or preserving it after the big day?


Throwing the wedding bouquet is one of the most classic wedding traditions.

Why do newlyweds traditionally save the top tier of their wedding cake?

Typically speaking, the newly-wed bride will face away from an assembled group of guests - AKA anyone who wants a shot at catching the bouquet - throwing her bridal blooms over her head. According to the tradition, whoever catches the flowers will be the next person to walk down the aisle.


In the #OldDays - AKA centuries ago - superstitious wedding guests believed only the lucky few would get married. As such, it was considered highly fortuitous to touch the bride on her wedding day - or, even better, steal a small part of her wedding day attire for your own.

However: to avoid the bride's wedding dress or veil being torn or damaged, savvy newlyweds began to throw their hand-held wedding bouquets in order to 'pacify' single guests.


As a result of the bouquet-throw becoming increasingly wide-spread, the dress-grabbing tradition largely died out, with guests remaining largely composed (prosecco-induced antics not included). That is, of course, until the actual moment of the bouquet throw... 


In more recent times, the tradition is on the decline, with some brides considering the tradition out-dated and, frankly, a little embarrassing. However, that's not to say everyone thinks the same, with the bouquet-throw still a much-anticipated part of many weddings around the globe.

"Do we have to give our guests wedding favours?"

Like the idea - but want to hang on to your bouquet? Consider one of these ideas instead...

- Throw a 'dummy' bouquet: a smaller, cheaper imitation of your own blooms 

- Throw something that matches your theme: for example, if your wedding has a sporting theme, you could throw a football! 

- Throw a 'breakaway' bouquet: solid in appearance, these something-for-everyone arrangements break in the air, meaning that all the assembled guests will get a piece of the action

- Give away individual blooms: ask the DJ to invite your friends/single ladies to the dancefloor and hand them each a bloom from your bouquet

Whatever you do - we have our fingers crossed you'll avoid a situation like the below. Good luck and good throw, ladies!