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Something incredible happened when this bride was left with no dress on her wedding morning

Something incredible happened when this bride was left with no dress on her wedding morning

Written by Katie Byrne

A bit of determination and team spirit swapped this wedding morning situation from drama to dream-like


It’s every bride’s nightmare: a last-minute wedding drama, meaning what should be a relaxed morning getting ready for your big day turns into a total headache.

Bride Nathalie Lout was left devestated when she realised she had no wedding dress to wear on the morning of her wedding to Michael Corcoran.

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However, the couple’s quick-thinking photographer, Lizzie Adams of Shoot It Momma, made a phone call to local Kettering boutique Courtyard Bridal. Shortly after her call, the boutique’s team had been despatched to the venue, armed with dresses for Nathalie to try on.

The bride picked the Niagara gown by Pronovias - with alterations on the scoop-necked dress completed just half-an-hour before Nathalie and Michael were due to exchange their vows. Phew!

And if you’re wondering how Nathalie found herself in this situation: her original dressmaker went AWOL, just hours before the celebration.

Her final fitting had been a week and-a-half before the wedding, when she had been assured the gown would be ready for collection a day or two before the celebration.

However, 48 hours before the wedding, there was no sign of the dress - and the dressmaker was uncontactable.

Explaining the situation to MailOnline, Nathalie said: “I called them about ten times and left multiple voicemails. Mike event went around there in person but the shop was closed and there no note on the door”.

Her sisters visited the shop on the morning of the wedding in a last-bid attempt to get the completed dress - but it was still shut.

Nathalie added: “I obviously felt sad and upset that I did not have a dress for my wedding but I tried to stay calm”.

She also revealed her original dressmaker did arrive at the venue with her wedding dress in the end - two hours after the ceremony.

Read the full story on the website of Nathalie’s photographer here.