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Moodboard: 30 ways to create a HYGGE-inspired wedding

Moodboard: 30 ways to create a HYGGE-inspired wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Add some irresistible seasonal cheer to your wedding with these gorgeous ideas for your celebration 


According to, hygge - pronounced hu-gah - is "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-begin (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)".

As such, it lends itself perfectly to a cosy-cosy autumn or winter wedding - so without further ado, get gorgeously inspired by our round-up of hygge-tastic ideas for your celebration!

Cover up!

If, like us, your first thought when you hear the word 'hygge' is chilly winter days - meaning a chunky  knitted shawl is an essential. 

Images: left, Amber Sue Photography; and right, Cat Mayer Studio

Same goes for your bridesmaids, too! 

Images: left, Mike Cassimatis; right, Shannon Von Eschen.

And make sure your guests stay warm, too! 

Images: left, Ann Ilagan Photography; right, Scarlet O’Neill.

Create the perfect ambience for your reception space

Use foliage - whether in excess or minimally - decorate tables, walls and even the ceiling. Use fresh herbs to add an incredible aroma, too.

Images: left, Home Design Ideas; right, Brittany Wood.

Suspended decorations will also add to the magical feel of your celebration. Contrast fresh foliage and blooms with metallic details for a luxe finish! 

Images: left, Matt and Jess; right, Lucas & Co. Photography.

Alternatively, tap into autumn/winter colourschemes by incorporating natural shades of orange, red and brown into your table and venue decorations. 

Images: left, Nick Ray; and right, Arj Photography.

Create cosy seating areas for your guests - and youngsters will love playing in cushion-filled dens! 

Images: left, source; right, source.

Light the way by using endless, endless candles to illuminate your celebration: from lining the aisles of your venue to decorating corners of your reception space. If you're worried about guests setting themselves alight, use fake candles instead of real ones.

Images: left, Beall and Thomas Photography; right, Jamie Rae Photography.

Or alternatively: use fairylights! They add a distinct twinkling charm to a reception, whether wrapped around beams or suspended from ceilings.

Images: left, Chris Randle Photography; right, Babb Photo.

Be creative with your lighting: display fairy lights instead jars or vases, and wrap candles in cinnammon sticks for a delicious fragrance. 

Images: left, Etsy; right, Wunderweib

The dining

Naturally, food plays an important part in any hygge-themed celebration! Start by gifting your guests delectable foodie favours that they won't be able to resist...

Images: left, Ever Milne; and right, Ashley Dru.

Create signature cocktails or try wintry classics for guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Complete with seasonal decorations for an Instagram-worthy finish! 

Recipes: left, Jamie Oliver; right, Charlotte's Lively Kitchen.

A hot chocolate bar will be a hit with guests who aren't drinking alcohol - or who simply want to warm up!  

Images: left, Cat Mayer Studio; right, source.

Comfort food snacks - such as pizza slices, warming jacket potatoes and childhood-inspired sweet treats - will always be a hit. 

Images: left, source; right, source.

And finally...

Round off your celebration with a little added sparkle! Whether you go for an all-out firework display or an arch of sparklers to mark your exit, it's a fabulous way to end your special day in style. 

Images: left, Leo Sharp; right, Claire Penn Photography.

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