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6 ways to go NAKED on your wedding day

6 ways to go NAKED on your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

As in, literally. It's all the rage right now, don't you know...


Would you consider going naked at your wedding? No, we’re not talking about casting aside your wedding dress and baring all to unsuspecting guests. We’re talking about the chic, minimalist wedding trend that’s been gaining popularity over the past year by defying the ‘extravagant’ wedding stereotype.


Naked weddings are all about removing excess lavishness from the big day and embracing the ‘less is more’ mantra. Far from resulting in a lacklustre ceremony, naked weddings are all about shifting emphasis onto the most important and enjoyable aspects of the day – namely, making memories with your spouse-to-be and loved ones.

Here, the team at gorgeous venue Combermere Abbey (nestled on the Cheshire/Shropshire border) share their top tips for bringing some nude glamour to your day!

Pick a naked cake

A hot trend for 2017 has been the naked wedding cake. For a rustic looking cake with a tempting ‘home made’ vibe, ditch the icing, frosting and ornate decorations. Instead, leave the sponge exposed and add a dash of fruit and flowers to the tiers. The result is an understated yet elegant looking centrepiece.


Choose barely-there florals

Whilst weddings are traditionally associated with bountiful bouquets and loaded floral centrepieces, naked weddings go back to basics with simple displays to complement the clean look of the minimalist theme. Sticking to just a couple of types of flowers interspersed with dark greenery is an effortless way to create a striking look.


Ferns and succulents are another great way to add style and elegance to your wedding décor without relying on large floral displays. For presentation, clear glass bottles and vases make a noticeable difference without being ostentatious and make a stylish centrepiece.

Keep the aisle nude

When it comes to the wedding dress, it’s all about sticking to simple silhouettes and sharp structures; embellishment and frills are kept to a minimum to achieve a chic, minimal look. A simple dress by no means equates to boring; the beauty of a pared back white gown is timeless.


Go au natural with your setting

Providing the English weather permits it, an outdoor ceremony where you can enjoy the beauty of your natural surroundings is a great way to embrace the naked wedding theme. 

Strip down the details

Favours aren’t required to make an impression on your guests. Whilst they’re a pleasant touch, nobody will really miss the lack of a chocolate truffle or miniature pot of honey to take home. For ultimate dedication to the minimalist cause, swap the traditional gift list in favour of contributions to a charity of your choice.

Barely-there styling

When it comes to making a statement with décor and styling, we’ve found that unfussy set-ups can often make the most impact. A muted colour palette, delicate pastel ribbons, white tableware, candles and sprigs of rustic green foliage can create a beautifully tranquil atmosphere.


Wooden trestle tables coupled with white table runners are an easily achievable way to create a chic look and can be dressed up with simple decorative additions of your choice. The less time the happy couple are preoccupied with organising the finer details, the more they can relax and enjoy the big day.

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