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The A to Z guide to your wedding flowers

The A to Z guide to your wedding flowers

Written by Katie Byrne

Everything you need to know and consider about your wedding flowers, in one handy list!


A is for... artificial flowers

Faux flowers can offer the same beauty as the real thing, but also have plenty of added benefits; they’re much hardier than real blooms, they’ll last for years to come and best of all, they’re ideal for those with allergies! Check out for some of the most realistic-looking floras around.

Image: OKA Faux Florals


B is for... buttonholes

Buttonholes are having a moment right now. Grooms are realising they’re an easy way to reflect a little bit of their own personalities, as well as jazzing up their suits! The modern man can choose from a whole array of stylish designs, including ones with feathers, succulents or a coordinating fabric.

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C is for... ceremony

You’ll want to make an impact here as this is where you say your vows and officially become married. From grand pedestals and pew ends to windowsill displays and aisles of confetti, there are endless ways to incorporate gorgeous blooms into your big day. Just remember you don’t have to break the bank – one or two bigger displays will look amazing, and you’ll want to save your hard-earned cash for the reception flowers as that is where you’ll spend most of your time. 

Image: Sarah Jane Ethan


D is for... DIY

Couples have never been so hands-on when it comes to their big day blooms; whether you attend a flower making workshop or your friends and family are pitching in to help, more and more brides and grooms are choosing to do their own flowers. Just remember, sometimes doing it yourself can work out more expensive! 

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E is for... eco-friendly

Keep your wedding green by opting for locally grown and seasonal flowers and earth-conscious favours, such as little potted bulbs. These can then be replanted in your guests’ gardens and they’ll love it. 

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F is for... fragrance

Scent is one of the best memory evokers. So as well choosing wedding flowers that will look pretty, try to select ones that have a gorgeous smell, too – remember, smell is our most powerful sense. We suggest you go for beautifully fragrant flowers such as peonies, roses or lily of the valley. Every time you smell them after the big day, you’ll be transported back to your wedding. 

Image: Ashley Slater Photography


G is for... gypsophila

The small white blooms, once used as a “filler flower” is having a bit of a moment right now. Whether its your bridesmaids carrying a bouquet of it, or perhaps you’re using it for décor, there’s no escaping this budget-friendly flower!  

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H is for... hand-tied bouquet

The most popular type of bouquet is the classic, round hand-tied version. Loved for its elegance and sheer romantic appearance, brides just love this style. 

Image: Rachel Rose Photography


I is for... inspiration

Florist appointment booked? Then arm yourself with this website, Instagram and Pinterest. Florists are creatives and work best with visuals; just be mindful of your budget, seasons and even the country that you’re getting married in.

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J is for... jars

The trend for displaying your blooms in jam jars shows no signs of going away anytime soon, but don’t limit yourself to just the sweet stuff. Check out Kilner jars, mason jars and other vessels for those all-important tablecentres and finishing touches. 

Image: Binky Nixon Photography


K is for... kissing arch

You just know that Instagram is crying out for a romantic action shot of the newlyweds. Commission your florist to create a gorgeous arch for you to pucker up underneath.  

Image: Christine Chang Photography


L is for... lily of the valley

One of the most sophisticated (and pricey!) wedding flowers, lily of the valley is simple, delicate, and beautifully fragrant. Still got your heart set on it? For a bouquet that won’t break the bank, mix the bloom with other fragrant flowers such as roses, stephanotis and freesias.  

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M is for... maids

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! If they fancy something different to a bouquet, then consider floral crowns, corsages, pomanders or wands for flower girls. 

Images: Heart And Colour


N is for... napkins

Liven up your place settings by adding flowers and herbs to your napkins – they’ll introduce colour to your tables and will smell gorgeous! 

Image: Gooch & Gawler


O is for... orchids

For a touch of tropical glamour (or perhaps you’re getting married on an exotic beach), you just can’t go wrong with orchids. There are hundreds of varieties and orchids  come in a wide variety of hues. But for timeless wedding-day style, newlyweds-to-be tend to gravitate towards the distinctive phalenopsis orchid in pure white. 

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P is for... pew ends

You just can’t beat pretty little posies of flowers tied to each pew end. Not only do they add to the romantic ambience of the day, they also don’t need to cost the earth. Handpicked wild flowers will look great and can double up as chairbacks at your reception. 

Image: Craig & Eva Sanders


Q is for... quirky

We know we’re always saying about thinking outside the box, but truly, don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to your wedding flowers. Whether you display them in unusual vessels or go for unpredictable colour combinations, we say go for it! 

Image: Kerrie Mitchell Photography 


R is for... roses

Unsurprisingly, the most popular wedding flower of all time, the rose is loved for its romantic, traditional look, and of course, its versatility. Not only does it look beautiful on its own, but thanks to the fact that it’s available in such an array of shades, it can and will suit any colour scheme. Whether you go for David Austin roses, old garden roses or delicate spray roses, they’re sure to look amazing and simply dreamy.  

Image:  Leo Sharp


S is for... shower bouquet

It was the style for weddings in the 1980s, but the shower bouquet eventually fell out of fashion. However, it has made a strong comeback, with many brides opting for oversized and trailing bouquets, especially with the wild flower trend being so popular right now.

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T is for... tables

Make sure that you choose tablecentres that will complement your venue and theme, but won’t overwhelm or clash. Also, don’t forget your guests will (hopefully!) want to chat with one another, so either go for low displays or tall thin arrangements. 

Image: Helen Abraham Photography


U is for... unique

Remember, this is your wedding day and it’s all about you and your spouse. If you want something a little more out there or unpredictable, then go for it! However, don’t forget that ‘U’ can also stand for understatement; you don’t always need to splurge on lavish blooms to make an impact.

Image: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography


V is for... vintage

You can’t help but notice the popularity of vintage in weddings right now. Whether it’s a subtle nod or full out vintage nuptials, even modern florists can’t resist this romantic country wedding style.

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W is for... white

Clean, classic, timeless and effortlessly chic, white is perhaps the ultimate wedding flowers colour. From brilliant white to soft ivory, there's a shade to match every dress, every skin tone and every theme. Plus, there's just so much to choose from; sweet peas, dahlias, calla lilies, amaryllis, roses, pansies, peonies, tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums and lily of the valley.

Image: Melissa Beattie Photography


x is for... xtras

Don’t forget the all-important finishing touches – they really tie the whole look together and don’t need to break the bank. How about handing out handmade cones of dried petal confetti, placing bowls of fresh lavender around the venue to fill it with a lush scent, or scattering pretty petals on tables and down the aisle? We love the selection of confetti from Shropshire Petals and you can even design personalised cones! Check out for more ideas. 

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Y is for... yum!

If you really love all things floral (well, why else would you be reading this website?) then don’t limit yourself just to decorations... introducing: edible blooms! You could go for crystallised rose petals; they look and taste divine when added to cakes; a sprig of lavender will add a fabulous feel to reception cocktails; nasturtium, marigold and violet petals can be sprinkled in salads or perched on top of canapés; and wild hibiscus flowers magically open when added to glasses of champagne.

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Z is for... zodiac

Stay with us here. We all know about our birthstones, but did you know we all have a birth flower too? Star-crossed lovers struggling to choose their big day blooms could find the answer written in the stars. From lily of the valley for Taureans to roses for Geminis, you can find out more at

Image: Kerrie Mitchell Photography


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