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What to expect from a bridal boudoir photoshoot

What to expect from a bridal boudoir photoshoot

Written by Katie Byrne

The ultimate pre-wedding gift for your partner, a boudoir shoot is also a present for yourself, too


Boudoir shoots are becoming increasingly popular, with brides keen to capture themselves looking utterly gorgeous in the run-up to their wedding day. If you are considering a boudoir shoot but are unsure about what happens and where to start, photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith has spilt the bridal beans and answered some of the most common FAQs below!

So what is a boudoir shoot?

"A boudoir shoot is a sexy and sensual photo-shoot where you pose in lingerie or partially nude in a luxurious surrounding. Boudoir photography is very tasteful and nudity tends to be implied rather than explicit. Natural lighting and shade are used to create a flattering light that shows off your favourite parts of your body."

How should I prepare for a boudoir shoot?

"A boudoir shoot is a celebration of your body so I don’t recommend crazy diet or exercise regimes to prepare for the shoot. You are beautiful as you are and I will advise you on the poses that work well to show off your favourite parts of your body. 

You can however, do some preparation to look like the best version of yourself. A good skincare regime in the lead up to your shoot is the best way to feel confident - get into a habit of exfoliating and moisturising your skin and a mani/pedi the day before your shoot will ensure you are looking polished to perfection."

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Do I need to book my own hair and makeup artist?

"I would always recommend having your hair and make-up done professionally for the shoot - it really helps enhance the experience and makes it feel extra special. A professional will also be able to give you that polished look that you want for your shoot.

 If you want to use your own hair and makeup artist, then that’s absolutely fine. I also have a small number of professionals I work with on a regular basis and am happy to recommend someone. They have worked on many boudoir shoots and can be on hand throughout the shoot to keep your makeup looking perfect and switch your hairstyles to suit different outfits."

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I’d like to do a boudoir shoot but I’m feeling nervous...

"Nerves are completely normal and can even add to the excitement and anticipation of the day. Most women I work with have never been photographed in this way and nerves come from the fear of the unknown - but if you’re feeling nervous then remember that it’s completely natural and we will work together to make sure you are happy with your look and your poses. I am there to direct you every step of the way and by working together you will feel more relaxed and the result will be some fabulous photos."

Do I need to bring anything to the shoot?

"Your photographer will want to take different shots, so I ask my brides to bring along three different outfits. Many women opt to bring more than that so there is some choice on the day. Some brides like to bring their veil, garter and wedding night lingerie to have some beautiful shots of this extra look and you will of course want some show stopping shoes!" 

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Why should I do a boudoir shoot?

"There are so many reasons to do a boudoir shoot but the number one reason for me is that it is a fantastic confidence booster. In the run up to your wedding, it’s likely you will have been living your healthiest lifestyle, having regular conditioning treatments on your hair and taking great care of your skin in preparation for the big day. So why not capture this moment when you are looking and feeling your best and create a sexy and sensual album of pictures that you can treasure forever. It goes without saying that a boudoir shoot will also be a meaningful gift to give to your partner - perhaps it’s a gift you could give them to unwrap on your wedding day and they can have a sneak preview of your beautiful bridal lingerie."

What should I do with the pictures?

"A tasteful album will be a fantastic memento of your boudoir shoot and also makes a perfect gift for your partner. Many women are so pleased with the results that they also decide to go for a large framed print to hang on the wall in the bedroom."

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