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Why Meghan Markle might be giving a wedding speech

Written by Katie Byrne, published 29th jan 2018

The countdown to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is officially on - and with May 19 looming ever closer, speculation about what the couple have planned for their Windsor celebration is reaching fever-point.

From the Duchess of Cambridge having to wear a hat to Donald Trump maybe (or maybe not) being on the guest list, the rumours about the pair's imminent nuptials have covered all manners of topic, with tradition being one that pops up again and again.

According to the latest reports, Meghan will be putting her own stamp on one classic wedding tradition - the wedding speech.

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Rather than sitting back and listening to the traditional combination of groom/father of the bride/best man deliver a few wise words, Meghan will in fact be stepping up and giving a speech all of her own.

Admittedly, this insight is courtesy of 'sources' but no less - we love the idea of Meghan giving a speech, and hope it will encourage more brides to do the same.

A bride's guide to wedding speeches

According to the insiders, whilst Meghan's father Thomas will be walking her down the aisle, he's less keen on the idea of giving a speech at the wedding breakfast. So, Meghan is reportedly planning to give a speech so she can thank Prince Harry, the Royal Family and other key family and friends for their involvement in the celebration.

Image: Instagram/KensingtonPalace

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