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How to deal with four wedding morning emergencies

Written by Katie Byrne, published 5th feb 2018

Four classic 'OMG!' moments on your wedding day - and how to handle them

The emergency: a supplier hasn't turned up

Okay: breathe. In the best-case scenario, you won't even know a vendor/supplier hasn't arrived; hopefully, you'll have written out a list of contact details for your Maid of Honour or Best Man ahead of the wedding day, meaning they'll be able to chase up said supplier and find out where they are. Chances are, the vendor will be on their way - they might be caught in traffic or have had to make a stop-off en-route.

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However, if they can't be reached, stay calm. Before the wedding, discuss with the suppliers who you'll be reliant on on-the-day - your florist, your photographer, your cake-maker - what can be done if they aren't able to attend on the day. (This will most likely be covered in their terms and conditions, too.) If they're sick, for example, they might have a colleague who can attend in their absence, or be able to recommend a trusted and similarly-talented alternative. If that fails, hit the social media: read this bride's story to find out how she managed to source a wedding dress on her wedding day.

The emergency: last-minute wardrobe malfunction

Ripped tights? Stained dress? Torn veil? Beyond being incredibly careful and bringing an emergency kit with you (think spare underwear/tights, a sewing kit, a stain removal product), there's not a huge amount you can do. Sometimes, you just have to rise above the drama and accept, no matter how irritating it is, things can't always be perfect. 

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The emergency: you're stuck in traffic

On your way to your ceremony - and caught at red light after red light? Chill! The first thing to do is - obviously - give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue. It's better to sit outside in your car and kill time for a little longer than anticipated rather than leave at the last minute and turn up unintentionally late. Naturally, it's a bride's prerogative to intentionally turn up a few minutes late but it's a slightly different ball game when it's out of your own control. However, if you find yourself stuck in non-moving traffic, don't panic; ask one of your bridesmaids to call the Best Man or contact the venue and let them know you are on your way.

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The emergency: you feel ill

Feeling a little poorly on your wedding morning is perfectly normal. A heady mix of anxiety, anticipation and excitement can result in nausea and reduced appetite, both of which will have subsequent side effects. The cure? Make sure you eat and drink. It sounds simple but even nibbling on a piece of fruit or sipping on a hot cup of tea will help to settle your stomach and nerves.

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