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These are the two most popular colours for bridesmaids to wear in 2018

These are the two most popular colours for bridesmaids to wear in 2018

Written by Katie Byrne

Say hello to the trending shades your bridesmaids want to consider for your wedding day...


Ah, the bridesmaid dresses! Fun to shop for, they can be notoriously difficult to actually decide on, with different 'maids having different preferences when it comes to cut, colour, style... It's a minefield! (Unless, of course, they're not wearing matching dresses - in which case, fine.)

However, if you want a little helping hand with narrowing down that search filter from millions* of possibilties to just one or two, feast your eyes on the colours hottly-tipped to be the stand-our picks of 2018.

* rough estimate...

#1 Nostalgia Rose

According to Wedding Wire, this dusky, passionate pink is tipped to be the colour to consider for your 2018 wedding.

Whether you opt for it in a muted pastel shade or a more sparkling embellished variant, the pretty colour can slot seamlessly into most colour palettes. 

Dresses by Kelsey Rose (left) and TH&TH (right).


#2 Dove Grey

Grey is essentially a blank slate: yours to do with entirely as you please...

Whether it's closer to white or nearer to black (or a warmer almost-lilac shade in the middle), it's a sophisticated, elegant colour that lends itself beautifully to accessories and details in other colours. A pink posy? Perfection! A bright lipstick? Yes, please! A vibrant necklace? Do it, do it!

According to Google search data from the first few weeks of 2018, searches for 'grey bridesmaid dress' have seen a significant rise, meaning bridal parties are seeing the perks of this most flexible shade.

Dresses Jacques Vert (left) and Dorothy Perkins (right).


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Top image (left to right): Amy and Jordan Photography; @jennyyoochicago; @alanahcheriefloristry_bloomrun.