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'Wedding shop workers, what are your worst bridezilla stories?'

Written by Katie Byrne, published 13th feb 2018

That was the question one user posed on forum site Reddit earlier this week...

These six stories will give you a serious dose of perspective the next time you worry you're being a 'bridezilla'. Unless you're pummeling a wedding cake into crumbs with your fists, you're probably doing just fine. Unlike these brides-to-be, whose stories were shared on Reddit...

Ring the changes

"I used to work at a jewellery store. This young guy (university age) came in one day to look at engagement rings. Very polite. Asking good questions. You could tell he’d been considering this for some time. As I’m helping him and showing him some rings in his budget, she walks in. 'Oh my god were you seriously considering that ring??? Ugh. It’s so ugly. Besides, it looks just like my LAST engagement ring.' How I wish I could have told him to dump her, run for the hills and don’t look back."

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Last-minute blooms

"Florist. We had a bride and her mother show up at 9am. They wanted to order a bridal bouquet, a mother of the bride cattelya orchid corsage, a boutonniere for the groom, and six smaller ones for the groomsmen. The wedding was scheduled for noon. Yep, three hours from then, and they wanted them ready by the time they were done with their makeup appointment. The bride was flipping through the sample book and pointing out the style and flowers she wanted, all of which would require at least a week's advanced order with our suppliers. She was absolutely gobsmacked that we didn't carry extremely expensive and highly perishable flowers at all times. Same with the [flowers] for the mum's corsage. My boss told them that since they didn't place an order beforehand, they would be limited to what we had in stock, and simple styles that could be assembled quickly. The bride and her mum kept pointing at the book and arguing that we should have those specific flowers in stock. My boss eventually took the book off the desk and tossed it behind the counter. The bride vacillated between tears and petulant whining, [saying] we were going to ruin her big day. My boss, who had a bone-deep loathing for brides in general, told her she had ruined her own day by not ordering her flowers before her actual wedding day. Both women stormed out. Sure enough, twenty minutes later the MoB slunk back in and meekly asked if we were still able to assemble what they needed. We did. We also charged her a very large rush fee."

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"Photographer. During more than a dozen years in this business, I've had almost nothing but fantastic clients, real sweethearts, and consider myself lucky. The exception was a New York bride who was pissed because it rained cats and dogs on her wedding day (not sure if she understood I wasn't in charge of making the weather). She had wanted to take golf carts to the beach with the wedding party to do fun photos there, but that clearly didn't happen. Her foul mood spoiled a bit of the wedding. Good thing everyone else still appeared to be having a good time regardless. She managed to stay (barely) polite to her vendors, but weeks later unleashed on me because I had delivered, among I don't know how many hundreds of photos, two shots of the DJ. She calculated that those photos, based on my fee, had cost her $14, IIRC, and was almost comically displeased about that. She also flipped her wig because, she told me angrily, she'd observed me eating a few canapés during the reception — and at three dollars apiece, how did I not understand those were not intended for the hired help! I offered to refund her $23 and inquired where she wanted me to send the check. At that point she calmed down a bit, possibly realizing how ridiculous she was being, and then volunteered that maybe she was being a bit irrational at the moment ... because she was pregnant. Of course, I offered my congratulations. She grudgingly told me to keep the check. I did put a baby gift (a silver rattle) in the mail to her a few weeks later. I hope she and her husband and the baby lived happily ever after!"

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Load of waffle

"I used to be a 'Bridal Consultant' at a retail store, which basically means I helped couples scan things onto their registry. This one couple came in to start a new registry, which quickly turned into only things the bride wanted. Anything the groom wanted to put down on the registry was deemed 'childish, stupid, ugly, unpractical, never-going-to-be-used'. I was cringing during the entire appointment, she kept asking for my input/opinion on everything, and I felt so bad for this guy. His bride-to-be seemed so selfish and entitled, couldn't believe the fact that he was soon to be married to this woman. The poor man just wanted a waffle maker, who doesn't want waffles?!"

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Cake smash

"I once worked in a bakery and we had this bride freak out that her cake wasn't right, and [she] proceeded to smash it to bits with her fist. She smashed the wrong cake. Like wtf. Anyways the [police] allowed her to wash her hands before placing her in handcuffs. I felt bad for the future husband and the couple that ordered said cake."

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Oh, baby!

"I worked at a high end bridal shop in my early 20s. One day, I had a bride-to-be shopping for a gown and she had brought her mum, aunt and sister (who had just become a new mum) with her to her appointment. The sister was obviously a little jealous that attention was no longer being lavished on her and her new baby, and instead the bride was the now the centre of attention. As I was fitting the bride in a $2500 Lazaro bridal gown, the sister decided to change her newborn’s [nappy] in the dressing room, and proceeded to hold the nappy up to the gold-hued gown and exclaim, 'look, the colours almost match!' I excused myself from the room for fresh air and to regain composure. In my experience, the brides were rarely the problem, the family was!"


Read the conversation in full on Reddit.

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