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11% of UK couples are delaying their wedding plans due to Brexit

Written by Katie Byrne, published 16th march

Plus, 10% want to ban social media from their celebrations

A new survey has uncovered some interesting stats about the UK's wedding plans - from popular days and times to marry all the way through to social media useage.

The research, conducted by venue availability service, quizzed 1,000 British brides and grooms about their wedding plans.

Unsurprisingly, August and September are still the most popular months for couples to swap their 'I do's, with Saturday the day over half (59%) are planning to marry on. Just over one in ten (11%) said they had delayed their wedding plans owing to Brexit.

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Almost all (94%) of those asked said they were going to marry in the UK, whilst mini-moons are definitely on the rise: almost a quarter (24%) said they had one booked for straight after their wedding.

A fifth said they had already or were planning to spend £2,000 or more on an engagement ring, whilst 80% said they were plannng to spend less than £15k on their dream celebration.

One in ten of those asked said they were planning a social media ban at their wedding, whilst over three-quarters said they used online resources as their main source of wedmin inspiration.

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The study found the typical engagement will last between one and two years, with church weddings now accounting for less than 30% of ceremonies. The research data suggests a couple will visit three venues before booking their 'I do' location.

According to WeddingDates CEO & Founder Ciara Crossan: "We’ve noticed some interesting trends over the past year, such as the rise of Monday weddings to get a good deal or couples pushing the wedding date out by a full year putting their house purchase first".

The survey also quizzed wedding guests on their attitudes towards traditions and, with 85% admitting they thought it was unacceptable for anyone other than the bride to wear white at a wedding.

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A quarter thought it was fine to post a photo of the nuptials on social media before the couple did, whilst over half (56%) said they'd sooner give a 'proper' gift rather than cash or a voucher.

The typical guest will spend between £100 and £200 on attending a wedding - with half saying they'd be irritated if they didn't get to bring a plus-one.

And finally, what makes a great wedding party? According to the majority of those surveyed, good food is a priority - so make sure you nail that menu, brides and grooms...


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