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How to make a wedding confetti bar

Written by Katie Byrne, published 19th feb 2018

Get inspired with this cute decorative idea for your wedding reception

Direct your guests straight to the confetti bar with this idea from Shropshire Petals!


You will need...

✿ Natural petal confetti in shades that match your wedding theme

✿ Confetti cones in one or more colour

✿ Jars or containers in various shapes and sizes

✿ A giant confetti balloon, filled with matching confetti

✿ String or ribbon

✿ A table to display the confetti bar on


1 Position your table by the location where you have chosen to have your confetti moment.

2 Add your natural petal confetti to the jars or containers. Add several block colours to separate containers or a few mixes for your guests to choose from.

3 Arrange your containers/ jars to suit your unique styling. Group them in colours for an ombré effect.

4 If you have more than one confetti cone colour, slot these alternately on the table to enhance the colours used. 

5 Position your giant confetti balloon behind the table for an extra special finishing touch.

6 Add other décor details to catch the attention of your guests, such as an LED light box with ‘Confetti Bar’ displayed on it.

7 Hang some string behind your confetti table and attach pre-filled confetti cones for the perfect finishing touch. Add fairylights for extra sparkle.


And three finishing touches...

✿ If your wedding has its own hashtag, display it on the table to remind guests to share their snaps of your confetti-throw moment online!

✿ For a sparkling twist, decorate your containers with glitter, whether all over or simply around the top or base.

✿ Display a gorgeous printed or handlettered sign that will encourage your guests to create their own confetti cones.

Tutorial courtesy of Shropshire Petals.