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7 wedding ideas that are as clever as they are gorgeous

7 wedding ideas that are as clever as they are gorgeous

Written by Katie Byrne

Wedding details that are as smart and savvy as they are gorgeous and fun? Sign us up...


Idea 1: Get your guests mingling from the off

If you're both inviting family and friends who perhaps haven't met before, encourage a more all-inclusive policy when it comes to seating. Rather than taking a side each, encourage guests to sit where they please, upping their likelihood of getting to know each other ahead of the reception. 

Images: sign (left) via Etsy and Anne Nunn Photographers (right).

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Idea 2: Keep your venue smelling gorgeous all day long

From start-to-finish, your wedding reception will go for about eight hours - so keep your venue space smelling beautifully fragrant all day long by wrapping pillar candles in herbs. (Obviously keep the flames away from any foliage!) 

Images: source, source and source.

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Idea 3: Think creative for keeping your drinks chilled

If you're providing liquid refreshment for the first part of your reception, why not serve it in a quirky ice bath? Swap a fridge for something a little different: think a canoe, a vintage bath, a wheelbarrow... Get imaginative!

Images: source and Dominique Bader Photography.

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Idea 4: Pick confetti that helps the environment

Arm your guests with seeds or bird feed that can be scattered through the air after you've swapped your vows.

Images: source and via NotOnTheHighStreet.

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Idea 5: Repurpose items at home to create pretty floral arrangements

Upcycle household items to create striking, unusual floral displays - not only will this be budget-friendly (in theory, at least), it also makes a great way to add an extra-personal twist to your venue décor.

Images: source and source.

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Idea 6: Ask guests to tell you their favourite song when they return their RSVP

This is an easy-peasy trick to make sure you cater for as many musical tastes as possible with your reception playlist - meaning people will be on dance floor all night long!

Images: Etsy and Top Table Design.

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Idea 7: Choose favours that can be used straightaway

Avoid the wasted expense of favours that will be left behind on your reception tables by giving your guests mini gifts they can use straightaway. 

Images: NotOnTheHighStreet (left) and Andrea Paradowski Photography.

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