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22 super-cute wedding ideas you're going to love for your celebration

22 super-cute wedding ideas you're going to love for your celebration

Written by Katie Byrne

Add some extra sentimental 'aww' factor to your celebration with these sweet, thoughtful ideas. And in no particular order...


#1 Write on each other's wedding shoes

A cute way to surprise each other on the wedding morning, it will also add a special finishing touch to your outfits, too. To avoid smudges, consider varnishing soles - but make sure they're not slippery! 

Images: source and One And Only Paris Photography.

#2 Give your guests favours they can actually use

As well as guaranteeing none are left behind on the tables, it will also make for a talking point. 

Images: source and via Etsy.

#3 Provide some essentials for the bathroom at your venue

Nope, not essential - but it makes for a ridiculously thoughtful touch your guests will absolutely appreciate.

Images: source and source.

#4 Add a seasonal nod into your decorations

Marrying in spring? Add an Easter twist! Tying the knot in the cosy autumnal? Add a hint of fall cheer to your theme.

Images: source and Martha Stewart Weddings.

#5 Ask your photographer to take some magical sparkler photos

Seriously - you can do some incredible things with sparklers and a camera. Browse options and be sure to discuss with your photographer in advance. 

Images: source and MD Harrison Photography.

#6 Surprise your parents with a sweet sewn message

From a note to your dad hidden as a surprise on his tie to a sweet embroidered handkerchief for your mum, one thing's for sure: there won't be a dry eye in the house.

Images: source and source.

#7 Create a unique photobooth or backdrop

Customise it with your names and wedding date for a personal finishing touch for guests' pictures - and don't forget to make your wedding hashtag clear if you're using one, too. 

Images: Lightening Photography and source.

#8 Or, go all out with a cool photobooth alternative

Create or hire an incredible backdrop for you and your guests to pose in front of - tie it with the theme of your wedding, or a mutual shared hobby, or simply your favourite colours!

Images: Martin Franco Vielma and source.

#9 Ask your guests to share anniversary messages...

...For you to read - you guessed it! - on your first wedding anniversary. An extra romantic idea? Ask guests to write messages on a wine bottle, which you can then enjoy together on your anniversary. 

Images: source and source.

#10 Keep kids entertained with creative gift packs

Take things back to basics with pens, paper and activities to occupy and amuse them during the boring bits wedding breakfast.

Images: Something Turquoise and source.

#11 Add a personal finishing touch to your reception chairs

Turn them into your very own thrones: think ribbons, flowers, signs, balloons... 

Images: source and Marissa Kay Photography.

#12 Keep comfort as your top priority

By which we mean: if you're tying the knot in the autumn or winter, make provision for the fact guests might feel cold. Likewise, marrying in the warmer months? Make sure suncream and, if possible, AC units are available. 

Images: source and Kev Elkins Photography.

#13 And on the subject of comfort: don't forget feet!

Want your guests to stay on the dance floor all night? Obviously - so make sure high heels and blisters can't get in the way of guests dancing up a storm by providing cheap, comfy flats for them to change into should they wish.

Images: Something Turquoise and source.

#14 Encourage guests to get hands-on

From creating their own custom cocktails and 'pimping' glasses of Prosecco to putting together personalised pizza toppings (and maybe even a chocolate fountain, if you're feeling brave), give your nearest and dearest the option to enjoy some of the catering on their own terms.

Images: source and source.

#15 Walk down the aisle in a stream of colourful bubbles

Though bubble mix was purely for kids? Er - wrong! Arm guests with tubes of mix and ask them to blow bubbles as you walk down the aisle or exit your ceremony venue for a truly gorgeous, vibrant action shot.

Images: source and source.

#16 Instead of a traditional guestbook, ask for bucket list ideas

You're married - so now it's time to start planning your next adventure together. Ask your friends and family to share their ideas for the most exciting, thrilling things you can experience together. 

Images: source and source.

#17 Make sure there's no excuse for younger guests to get bored

As well as the activity packs mentioned above, situate mini stations around your venue just for the kids: from photo challenges to card-making, having a few different options available is a great way to keep even the fussiest of mini-guests occupied.

Images: source and source.

#18 Make sure the entertainment is there for the older guests, too!

From games to hired entertainers (fire breathers, artists, magicians and so on), keep the party atmosphere going by offering an alternative amusement for people seeking a break from the dance floor.

Images: source and source.

#19 Provide snacks people actually want to eat

Planning on serving an evening buffet? Swap fussy canapes for easy-to-eat portions of classic favourites: bacon rolls, chips, dinky burgers, pizza slices... You get the picture!

Images: source and source.

#20 Pick a guestbook that doubles as a work of art

Instead of storing your guests' messages away in a book, why not display them in an art form? From asking guests to sign Jenga blocks that can be turned into a sculpture to a signed garden bench (via a colourful thumb-print tree), there are endless ways to do it, depending on what takes your fancy. 

Images: source and source.

#21 Think of the four-legged friends

Mad about animals? Take 'doggy bag' to whole new levels by providing treats for your guests to take home for their pets. 

Images: Hawes Photography and source.

#22 Consider the morning after the night before...

Keep the hangovers at bay by arming your guests with personalised hangover kits as they leave - they'll thank you later!

Images: Jonathan Stockton Photography and Etsy.

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