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These are the things you need to consider before booking your marquee wedding

These are the things you need to consider before booking your marquee wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Tim Verwey, co-founder of Marquee Bookings, shares the pointers every couple needs to consider before they settle on a marquee setting for their W-day

"Not long after I began to write this article, I realised I had begun to sound like any other wedding professional. So, instead, I decided to consult with the real-life couples who had recently tied the knot in a marquee - meaning they have the first-hand experience of what you need to take into account when planning a celebration that's taking place under a canvas roof..."

{Thanks for your help with writing this blog post: ♥ Jes and Nick, married July 2016 in Devon ♥ Kirsty and Ben, married September 2017 in Essex ♥ Ellie and Ben, married October 2017 in Rutland.}

1) Toilets! Make sure the site has toilets as otherwise you’ll need to hire them.

2) Find out if there is electricity on the site. If there is, ask if it's enough to power the lights, catering and bar. If not, you will have to hire a generator.

3) Make sure you ask caterers if you need to hire equipment for them. For example: a catering tent, running water - you might also need to provide cutlery and plates, too.

4) Running water is needed for your guests (obviously), as well as for the caters. You can hire big water tanks if needed.

5) Get your guest numbers sorted ASAP - you'll need to make sure the marquee you book is large enough. 

6) Add a chill-out zone - after all, all your guests are going to be gathered in one space. But as this real bride explains: "Whenn the band came on and everyone got a bit merry, my granny left because of the noise. if I were to do it again, I would get a chill-out-zone added on".

7) Make sure you can enlist the help of enough friends and family to help decorate the marquee, as well as clean-up afterwards, too! (It's worth noting you can’t always rely on hungover little brothers...)

8) Flooring & appropriate shoes are key. Says one newlywed: "I told my guests not to wear huge heels as we had matting flooring. We didn’t want any sprained ankles".

9) The entrance hall/walkway: if it's raining, you don't want wet coats all around the marquee. In a walkway, have coat hangers for your guests. Plus, a walkway helps protect the inside of the marquee from the elements. If it's super-windy, the unfortunate guests who sit by the entrance without a walkway will get cold!

10) If it's a particularly hot day, I recommend positioning the marquee so it gets the least amount of sunlight - marquees can get very hot.

11) That said, don't forget heaters if you're marrying at a cooler time of year.

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