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What's your wedding flower style?

What's your wedding flower style?

Written by Katie Byrne

Not sure where to start with your big-day blooms? Take our quiz to find your floral form


1) Your dream wedding day is...

A) A beautiful, blooming floral fantasia

B) Stylish, fashion-forward and glamorous

C) Classic, elegant and refined

D) Fun, happy and a little bit wild

2) In all your floral fantasies, what does your bouquet look like?

A) A signature style made of my favourite flora. I’ve already learnt how to create it at flower school

B) A design inspired by the spring/summer 2013 catwalks

C) A simple bouquet of roses or gypsophila

D) Pretty flowers scooped up from the garden, do I have to name names?

3) When you look around at your friends and family enjoying the reception, you’d most like to see...

A) Large glass vases filled with different flowers for each table – I’m thinking roses, tulips, hyacinths and calla lilies

B) Guests will have a rose-tinted view of the rest of the table, quite literally. There will be so many of the lavish flowers spilling out of big, expensive-looking vases

C) Chic single-flower arrangements in opaque vases

D) I’ve been collecting crockery and glassware all year so I’ll fill them with cut flowers and later give them to my guests as favours

4) What’s your idea of pre-wedding prep?

A) Browsing florists and open gardens for new inspiration

B) Trying on dresses with my bridesmaids in tow

C) Ordering everything online, ready-made. I don’t have time for DIY favours

D) Learning a new skill and getting creative – I’ve already made and sent 100 invites

5) What’s your all-important bloom budget?

A) Our flowers are one of the biggest priorities of our day, but I want to make sure I get my money’s worth so I’ll be doing my research

B) I’ve set aside £1,000 to £1,500

C) Exactly £600; enough for the bouquets and buttonholes, ceremony flowers and a couple of thank-you bunches 

D) I’ll hopefully be picking them all from my garden, but I’ve set aside £500 in case my daffodils and daisies don’t stretch quite far enough

6) Which celebrity bouquet did you admire the most? 

A) Blake Lively’s bouquet of pink jasmine, andromeda, dusty miller and ‘Blushing Bride’ hydrangeas 

B) Jessica Biel’s chamomile flowers with white ranunculas and ruscus foliage 

C) Rochelle Humes’ perfect dome of white roses 

D) Lily Allen’s country-style bouquet of roses, peonies and hydrangeas 

7) The night before your wedding you’ll be…

A) Checking and re-checking my fabulous arrangements, before filling my bath with all the bouquets 

B) Sipping champagne with my bridesmaids 

C) Enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath and some pampering in my old bedroom at my parents’ house

D) Making table various displays with my friends, accompanied by some pink fizz 

The results...

Mostly As - head to the flower market

You love flowers. In fact, they’re less a wedding detail and more a passionate past-time, so you can’t wait to indulge your inner florist by creating your own arrangements. Click here for 15 inspiring ideas to get you started!

Mostly Bs - go bespoke

Your big-day blooms are a key part of your designer celebrations and you’re happy to trust the experts, they are the experts after all! Click here for expert advice for picking your dream wedding flowers.

Mostly Cs - go national

Like any other bride you want your wedding day to be perfect, smooth-running and stress-free. And that also applies to your flowers. You’d like the process to be as simple as possible, which means ordering them with the click of a mouse and knowing they’ll be arriving fresh and fabulous on your big day. Click here to get inspired. 

Mostly Ds - garden picks

The cottage garden look is perfect for your laidback bridal style. You love flowers but you’re not exactly green-fingered, so you’re happy to forget the Latin and simply pick the prettiest petals. Looking for some finishing touch ideas? You'll love these gorgeous floral displays!

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