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Quiz: what's your wedding flower style?

Quiz: what's your wedding flower style?

Written by Katie Byrne

Take our quiz to find out which blooms will match your wedding day!


Just got engaged but no idea about how to choose your wedding flowers? Don't worry. We've compiled this handy quiz to help you work out which floral style would work best for your big day.

Click through our gallery to find out which flowers will match your day - just remember to keep note of whether you answer A, B, C or D!

1. What is your dream wedding venue?

a) A beautiful chapel filled with fragrant roses and flickering candles
b) A chic city hotel
c) A beach, a cliff top, a teepee – anywhere that’s a little bit different!
d) A gazebo in a pretty flower-filled garden

2. You’ve always wanted to walk down the aisle wearing...

a) A breathtaking fairytale white gown with a cathedral-length veil
b) A slinky little number with sparkling statement jewellery
c) Something with a splash of colour and flowers in your hair
d) A beautiful antique lace dress, complete with heirloom accessories

3. If your fiancé was to arrange your fantasy date, you’d most like to...

a) Indulge with a romantic dinner at an intimate restaurant
b) Book your own private box at the opera for an extravagant night of culture
c) Try something different like a Thai cookery class or salsa lesson
d) Stumble across a surprise Champagne picnic after a long country walk

4. Which of the following best describes the style of your home?

a) I love to be surrounded by beautiful things, such as ornate mirrors and fresh flowers
b) We have a contemporary home with minimalist furnishings and sleek chrome details
c) Our house is full of lots of colour and mementos from our travels, creating an eclectic and vibrant  atmosphere
d) We love the shabby-chic look and use floral fabrics and white-washed wood to bring a homely, country feel to our living space

5. Which of these trips is closest to your dream honeymoon?

a) A week in a private Tuscan villa
b) Chilling out on a yacht in St Tropez
c) A wonderful adventure around Vietnam and Cambodia
d) Escaping to a cosy cottage in the beautiful Scottish Highlands

Your bridal flower style revealed...

Mostly As: Romantic

Choose pretty pink roses and flowers in pastel shades for your big day to create a soft, feminine look.

Mostly Bs: Glamorous

Bring on the glitz with pure white blooms, parkling accessories and monochrome reception details.

Mostly Cs: Exotic

Be inspired by the vibrancy of the East with exotic flowers and a striking jewel colour palette for the finishing touches.

Mostly Ds: Country-garden

Wild flowers and chintzy china will create a laidback garden-party theme.

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