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Inside the latest issue of Wedding Flowers & Accessories magazine...

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In this issue...

- Instagram vs. Reality How to turn online dreams into an offline reality

- All about the bouquet How to hold it, decorate it, throw it... And more!

- Everything I know about love Real women share their experiences

Plus: real weddings, the latest floral fashion ideas and our must-read flowers planner.

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A note from the Editor...

As I write this, it’s freezing. Teeth-chatteringly, spine-tinglingly, bone-numbingly freezing. The ‘Beast from the East’ (remember that?) is wreaking its frosty fury across the land and a fluttering flurry of snow is falling steadily outside the window. However, now, as you’re reading
this, it’s warmer. The sun is peeping through the clouds, the hot water bottle that almost became surgicallyattached to your person is firmly back in storage and you might just be tucking into some left-over Easter egg...

And why does any of this matter? Because it’s an illustration of how time slips away: one moment you’re freshly engaged, tears of joy drying on your cheeks, admiring the sparkle of that glittering new ring on your finger. The next, you’re standing in your ceremony venue, taking a deep breath and preparing to walk down the aisle towards the love of your life, wondering where the last however-many months of planning and nerves and excitement have disappeared to...


Time slips through our fingers, readers; you can never quite hold on to it. So with that in mind, in this issue we asked women to reveal everything they know: about love, about wedding planning, about marriage... From the bride-to-be counting down to her W-day to the woman who will be celebrating her 52nd wedding anniversary this summer; from the newlywed to the woman who lost her love - the lessons they have to share are truly inspiring.. Turn to page 24 to start reading. Don’t worry: it’s not all profound round here. We’ve also quizzed the pros for their tips on choosing Insta-worthy floral décor, whatever your budget; we’ve rounded up four must-consider themes for your celebration; we’ve brought you a gorgeous new book extract to feast your eyes on... And more. So much more!

Enjoy the read (and that left-over Easter egg), enjoy the ride and most importantly, savour every single moment. 


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